Is Makosi Good TV?

On the 24th of August Makosi Musambasi, just merely managed to squeeze into her union jack dress to re-enter the Ultimate Big Brother House. Makosi joint 10 other former BB housemates, who were all chosen by Big Brother for either winning or being an Ultimate BB housemate.
When Big Brother host; Davina McCall asked Makosi why she thought producers asked her to come back on the show again, Makosi replied “I have no idea!” (blank stare).
Well I might have a little idea…maybe its because of her sexual romp with former BB housemate Anthony in the BB Jacuzzi, or her pregnancy scare the morning after & how if she was pregnant she would name the child Jacuzzi????
Davina also asked Makosi how she think she’ll do in the house, Makosi replied “I don’t know how I am going to behave in there, or if I am going to behave in there!”
Well anyway shes back in the house & I find myself tuning into watch every night!!!
We have to admit she makes good T.V! She’s controversial, shes sexual, shes a drama queen, she contradicts herself…lol I can go on forever.
Makosi claims she doesn’t like the person she was in her first BB appearance & that she has grown up since then. I was willing to believe her, but seriously the bikini moments, showering in front of John & Victor.
Victor explains that its “tactical showering” and “she knows what shes doing”.
Makosi is up for eviction this week along with Chantelle, Nadia, Nick, Nicola & Ulrika.
Going by how the British public usually vote, she’ll be out this Friday 🙁 Well…i hope not!
Lets keep Makosi in by voting to evict someone less entertaining!
xo xo

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