Me and Omotola Jalade Ekinde have a lot in common; we are both huge fans of Iconic Invanity! Omotola has worn some of their amazing pieces on the red carpets and at events world wide! Omotola looks great in Iconic Invanity and does the fashion house so much justice! Below is Iconic Invanity’s Luxury Sweet Candy collection for Spring/Summer 2013! Check it out delicious!

I have a list of reasons why I love Iconic Invanity, will try and go through them all in this post lol! Number 1, the use of colour, this collection and Iconic Invanity designs are usually very colourful! Which makes all of their pieces; statement pieces! Like a lot of their dresses, this dress is so glamorous! Love the split!

The second thing I love is the fitting. Almost all pieces in this collection have perfect fitting, that accentuates curves! For very flattering and sexy silhouettes!  Love the jacket, could see it working with jeans and trousers too! The skirt too is gorgeous!!
Embellishment! The third thing I love about Iconic Invanity designs. Not only do their collections feature lots of colour and patterns, some are embellished with really fine beading! This adds sparkle and shimmer to produce Iconic pieces! Pun intended!


Purple I feel is one of the most glamorous colours. I love all the different shades in this look! Timeless pieces that you could wear and wear over again, by re-inventing looks!
Another show stopping dress! The cutout in the cleavage area is fierce and would take an equally fierce attitude to pull this dress off! The silhouette and split is so sexy!
The colours! The Neck! The Cut-outs! The Detail!!
Love jumpsuits! They take away the hassle of trying to put ensembles together! This is far from an ordinary jumpsuit tho, it has so much going on!! Anybody in this would be best dressed!

Iconic Invanity pay so much attention to detail! You’ll notice that a lot of their pieces have fine detail and design at the back!! 

I’m crazy about flared trousers at the moment! Which is why I’m so excited about this look! The flares are far out and I love the top too! This look is so complete!

Asymmetrical hemlines are so trendy! Especially with strappy sandals! This dress is beautiful! Love the shape and draping!
One of my fav pieces from this collection! Colours, pattern and that asymmetrical hemline again, all look great together! Defo one of my fav pieces!
By now you should be able to see where the name of this collection Luxury Sweet Candy meets the designs! Your reminded of candy and sweets with the bright, fun colours and bold patterns. Reminded of luxury with the sexy shapes and gorgeous silhouettes the pieces create! 

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