It’s with great pleasure I do this post! Along with fashion and food, i’m a big fan of love lol! But I try and keep it interesting and every now and then you’ll see a couple and be like “what?! since when?!” Lol! Check out my top 10 sexy-hot-damn they look so good together couples below lol…


Irrespective of how they initially hooked up ( you will have to Google that story lol) Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz is a couple I look at and admire. You do do not have to be a fan of Alicia Keys to have noticed how this relationship has changed her for the better! The girl is on fire now lol!


Too adorable! Diddy and Cassie! *yells at screen* Put a ring on it!!!


A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman. I remember when they were just a rumor, nah they real,  getting realer everyday! Love them together! There so fly!


Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks! Two of the sweetest people ever! They’ve squashed the engagement rumors and I’m like damn! I don’t know why I just wanna see everybody married lol


A picture of them both smiling has got to be worth a few millions! lol! Priceless stuff!


Yaaas!! Big Sean and Naya Rivera getting married! The couple are officially engaged, I read that Big Sean said he wakes up every morning looks over at Naya and is like “I am winning hard!” That has to be the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long time lol!


Keri Hilson and Boyfriend Serge Ibaka who in this picture was celebrating his 24th birthday! Damn! He looks good for 24 and my girl Keri Hilson looks good for 30! Check out his hand tho?! Winning hard! Lol!


Controversial or not! Karrueche and Chris Brown look sweet together! Matching force 1’s! Aww lol!


Newlyweds John and Chrissy Legend! She now has the coolest surname on earth lol! A toast to them!


More newlyweds! My fav B Baller Lebron James and his childhood sweetheart Savannah James! She is such a decent woman! Hands up if you would watch their reality show? Well hands down cos it’s never gonna happen lol 🙁



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