I couldn’t think of a bigger way to kick of October than with 2 new vids from the biggest and baddest! Incase you didn’t know who I was on about; I’m talking about D’banj and Rihanna! D’banj has dropped a huge video for his new single: “Finally” and Rihanna has dropped the “Pour It Up” video from her what? Triple platinum? Unapologetic album below…

Sitting back watching this video, yes the location, the fireworks, the strobe lights, the choreography are all exciting me. BUT what excites me the most is D’banjs style! What is style? Style is D’banj LOL! Thats how gassed this video has me! D’bnaj looks great in this video, whatever the location, the scenery or the vibe, D’banj will stylishly dress the part! Love the cameo from Wiz & Loving the song even more!

An the award for the baddest bi**h in the world goes to…. Rihanna! Hands down! She went were no other artiste has ever dared to go with their music! With what looks like; no hesitiation at all! To me that’s what makes her the baddest, she believes and stands by what she’s portraying! Never been done before! Pour it up! She did that!

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