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The universal earring that suits every person and every hairstyle. Not only have they always been in style but they will always be. Don’t see large hoop earrings ever fazing out. Whether your hair is short, long, curly, straight, braided or up in a bun; add some large hoop earrings for an instant edge! Check out these ladies below rocking hoop earrings of all kinds, from the simple to the decorated below…


How fierce does Khloe look? Hoop earrings defo give off a fierce edge with a high ponytail. I’m all for this look on Khloe!

Usher, Keri Hilson, Letoya Luckett, Partied In Krave Lounge

Yah! Keri Hilson slayed with the braids! The hoops defo had something to do with it! So perfect with the braids!


The biggest I’ve ever seen! Rhianna made it work, as she does with everything! Love this look!


When I think hoop earrings, Jessie J is a face that comes to mind! Especially as she has cut her hair now not only do the hoop earrings stand out, so does she!


Cassie is another face that has been owning hoop earrings for a while! Love this decorated pair which feature a dangling gold bullet! Dope!


Beyonce been tapping into her ratchet side for a min now! lol! I had a blonde moment when I saw these, I was like “Bama? Where’s the O?” Smh at me lol!


J.LO is another gorgeous face that springs to mind when I think hoop earrings! Love when she rocks them with her hair up in a bun!


Nene Leakes knows that you are always winning with short hair and hoop earrings. I think this is my fav way to wear them too!

2011 Gucci and Rocnation Pre-GRAMMY Brunch - Arrivals

Solange also does braids and hoops a lot of justice!


How can I talk hoop earrings without mentioning Sade Adu?! She has been instrumental in keeping this style of earring alive after sporting them for decades! I bet there an accessory she cannot live without! Love her!

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