Halloween was so cute this year! Less about witches and demons and more lighthearted and fun! So much so I’ve been converted and I can’t wait for next years Halloween! I promise to make an effort and go all out like some of these celebs below! Who had your favourite costume this year? Check them out….


Rihanna was not playing around! Her and her crew transformed into Ninja Mutant Turtles for Halloween. The green body paint, the shell, the green highlights in her hair! This is a lot of effort for a Halloween costume lol! The only thing I like about this costume are her knee high gladiators to be honest…


Iggy Azaela went in! Cos there’s no telling if these are the actual white chicks or not?! Lmao! I love her sense of humour, her “haters” are constantly tormenting her with memes that she looks like the white chicks. Well…. what have you got to say now? lol


Floyd Mayweather and TMT went with a Run DMC tribute! They look good collectively, but it can be argued that not much effort went ¬†into these costumes. I dress like this sometimes on a normal day… Ha!


EPIC! Michael Jackson would have loved this! In love with Blu Ivy’s costume all the way down to the socks! The details are impressive lol, the glove, the aviators, hair and microphone; all too cute!


I interpreted Beyonce’s Janet Jackson costume as more of a tribute! I was expecting her to break into the Rythm Nation routine lool


I really loved Beyonce’s second costume for personal reasons. I remember being in school, Art classes were my favourite; I was obsessed with Frida Kahlo, both her life and her art, so this oddly touched home lol! Jay Z as Jean Basquiat works, another amazing artist. These looks were well thought out.


I loved Chris Brown and Karrueche’s throwback to Grease. No crazy effort here; 2 wigs and Ruby Woo lol, but the love speaks for itself!


Ludacris and girlfriend Eudoxie as cat woman. I’m not sure who Ludacris is meant to be to be honest, my superhero game is slipping I guess lol! But again the love speaks for itself, this pic is too cute.


Kylie Jenner and what appears to be Tyga as Chucky and the Bride…. lol! Kylie dresses like this on a good day anyway and Tyga knows he’s wrong for this lol!


My winners and my favourites! They slay like this every year! But this year has to be there biggest! A live animal prop?! Wow! I love this, they both look amazing too! They Egyptian vibe is so sexy.


God bless Katy Perry for this! It’s genius! I get it, I find it funny & I love her for it! Genius! Lol

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