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I’ve been blonde for a few months now, and yes I can confirm that blondes do have more fun lol! I always get asked if I’d ever go back to black hair… Hmm… not anytime soon! Sorry, having too much fun lol! Another FAQ is how I maintain blonde hair and what products do I use… so here’s a little product breakdown of what I use on my blonde hair.

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Hi! Lol! So first off i’m using HighGrade Hair my go to for high quality Brazilian Hair, I’ve bleached and dyed the hair a mixture of different blonde colours. If your not a natural blonde you’ll find that there’s two major issues when it comes to blonde hair; it gets dry very often and the blonde can start to fade over time. To avoid this, I wash and condition my hair once a week and blow dry it almost everyday…


So I’ve been using John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde. I went for the highlight activating moisturizing shampoo. It does everything I want; activate my highlights and add some moisture! I usually do 2 – 3 thorough washes, until I work up a bright white lather and the water is clear when rinsing.


For my conditioner I use the go blonder lightening conditioner, still in the sheer blonde range. I went for the lightening option, just for safety, to bring back any colour lost naturally or through washing. Strangely it doesn’t tell you how long too keep the conditioner in for, but I usually leave it in for an hour at least. Some will say it doesn’t make a difference how long you leave your conditioner in for, but I beg to differ. The longer you leave your conditioner in, the longer it stays in good condition lol! Speaking from experience here…


So after I’ve washed and conditioned my hair, while it’s damp I add John Frieda’s brightening oil. I leave this in while my hair air drys for a bit, before finally blow drying. I find that this together with the shampoo and conditioner keeps my hair soft, blonde and glossy. It smells fab too! I highly recommend John Frieda Sheer Blonde for blonde hair… you’ll become obsessed with the results!


This! I cannot live without! Before straightening, curling or blow drying my hair I spray a generous amount of V05 smoothly does it! Not only does it protect my hair from heat from styling, but it adds shine and makes my hair super smooth too!

So i’m not a professional hair stylist, far from it, just a hair fanatic! Would love to know if you found any of this helpful xo xo

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