Hairstyle Galore!

So I’ve noticed a couple celebs have tried to switch it up with some very dramatic hairstyles.
All hairstyles involve alot of colouring and cutting and none of them scream out to me!

1st up Is my girl Amerie, she has been a bit quiet for a while now. I hope this is not her big comeback hairstyle, cos I’m not feeling it…..yet! Platinum blonde is a tricky one, it’s a colour that grows on you after some successful hairstyles. So I’m gonna wait and see what she does with this one.

Up next is Rihanna, now I’m usually a big fan of what Rihanna does with her hair, so big that I imitate them (successfully i hope). But this I’m afraid is not something i will be imitating anytime soon. I mean this has to be Rihanna’s worst hairstyle!!!

Kelly Rowland pictured here with Ludacris at his Charity event, is sporting a brown, bob with some blonde highlights. This is not a great pic, because the other side of her hair is really short. I’m happy for Kelly cos this is a good look, short hair has always suited her, she cant go wrong here!

Lastly i came across Mya, shes gone blonde too. I don’t know, Mya has always been a cute girl, think she looks cute as a blonde. I just think she needs to spend more time on her career than her hair!

So…I’m not noticing any new trends here, which I’m bummed about cos I’m currently looking for new inspiration for my next hair do. But I’ll stay on the matter….
xo xo xo

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