I know I was not the only one who Cheryl Cole (Xfactor judge) left in a state of shock on Sunday nite!!!
The whole nation was furious when Cheryl who has been given the “Girls Catergory” to mentor in this years Xfactor, rejected Gamu & decided not to take her trough to the final shows which go Live this weekend.
Gamu took my breath away at her 1st audition & stole the heart of the nation as she sang. She has a beautiful voice, great vocal range, commands the stage, confident an very passionate. From the beginning she had been identified as a potential winner of the show.
Instead of putting Gamu into the final 3, Cheryl chose; Cher Lloyd who was barely able to hold a note due to nerves & a severe throat infection, & Katie Waissel, who had a breakdown & appeared to forget her words.
Now people are automatically raising the race card to Cheryl, I’m not entirely convinced. Lets not forget that Cheryl put Alexandra Burke through to the final round on Xfactor last year and she went on to win the show! I think its down to pure favouritism, It was obvious from the beginning that Cheryl was not a big fan of Gamu & favoured Cher & Katie.
This makes me seriously question Cheryl as an artist. I mean how can you listen to Gamu & not hear a star????
Cheryl was joined by Will.I.Am to help her choose the final 3, but I cannot bring myself to believe he had anything to do with Cheryl’s final decision. He’s smarter than that.
Viewers are going ballistic & have since started a petition on facebook with over 130,000 members & have written and complained to OFCOM!!
Now they said they will be introducing a twist to the show this weekend, its been rumoured that each judge will be given a “wild card” to select an extra fourth contestant, in a bid to liven up the shows format.
I hope to God this is true!!! If Cheryl likes herself at all she will pick Gamu!!!

Check out Gamu’s 1st audition and more pics from the show…

In other news Gamu’s mother is facing immigration issues which ultimately effect Gamu. Gamu’s mother Ms Ngazana, visa expired in August, she has re-applied and but since been refused. Gamu who applied as Ms Ngazana’s dependant has also been refused. Xfactor producers are unsure how this will pan out even with Gamu’s involvement in the show.

Gamu reaction when Cheryl tells her she will not be going through!
Gamu is 18, moved to Britain in 2005 when her mother won a place to study at Stirling University.
The final three & Cheryl Cole

Alexandra Burke, in her latest video. Cheryl Cole put her through last year and she went onto win Xfactor.

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