Abbyke Domina is a fashion designer and stylist based in Nigeria. She is well known for her modern take on traditional African wear! Worn and loved by a number of Nigerian celebrities. Abbyke Domina is the go to for unique pieces, she has just released pics from her latest lookbook, where she is modelling her designs. Check them out below…

image (30)

I’ll start off with one of my favs! This colour blocking combo! It’s such a fun look, that would work great for day and night time looks!

image (31)

Who loves lace? Popular choice of fabric at the moment. Works really well and chic as an off shoulder dress, loving the styling!

image (32)

When I think lace I often think sexy. But lace is so practical, a lot can be done with the material! I love how Abbyke Domina has introduced this playful side of lace with this dress.

image (33)

Her take on the Nigerian traditional attire; Iro and Buba is quite unique. Abbyke Domina has an eye for gorgeous prints.

image (34)

Love this print!

image (35)

Kimonos are everywhere this season! Abbyke Domina has featured some sleeveless printed Kimonos in her collection…

image (36)

I love that she has paired the Kimono with an all white ensemble, perfect way to bring out the print, that I adore!

Keep an eye out for Abbyke Domina and more from her latest collection!

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