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¬†From rappers, to singers, to actresses they are all featured alongside your favourite supermodels in the latest Spring 2014 campaigns from our fav designers! I think they all executed these campagins so well and did each designer justice! Money well spent lol! Check them all out below getting their pose on and what I like to call “selling” lol, in these amazing ad campaigns.


Cara Delevingne is steady on her way to becoming a household name (she already is in my house lol), she had an interesting 2013 and I think we will be seeing so much of her this year! Think she did a great job with Mulberry. In the midst of the qwerky set is a stunning, poised Cara just like the bag she is posing next too!


Cara is also featured in DKNY Spring/Summer 2014 campaign alongside A$AP Rocky! Don’t you just love how attractive and trendy DKNY make Time Square look!


Cara is no stranger to DKNY campaigns as is A$AP Rocky no stranger to DKNY. He seems pretty fond of DKNY, so it makes so much sense for him to be a part of this! He looks so dapper and handsome by the way lol!


Lupita Nyong’o for Miu Miu, she totally aced this shot! I can imagine Miu Miu struggling to pick a final shot as they were all probably flawless…


Miu Miu also called up Elizabeth Olsen, I really love this shot and think shes a great model! I’m so obsessed with her sisters Mary Kate and Ashley, they’re all I see in this shot…weird.


Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs. I love this because is such a huge contrast from her daily and usual get up, but yet she totally gets into character. She’s almost unrecognizable…


Intense stuff!


Nicknamed “Balmains Baby” is Rihanna for Balmain. I think it’s such a great thing and it shows when there is genuine love for the brand. Rihanna is in her element here.


Lady Gaga for Versace! Such an amazing shot! Gaga looks so much like Donatella (in her early days lol) in this get up, I think this was a narcissist move from Donatella, channeling her youth through Lady Gaga right?!


Gaga is selling this bag to me! Oh yes! It’s gorgeous! You see how great advertising and marketing can just fly over your head, without you realizing and suck you in! Smh lol


Alexa Chung for Longchamp! I adore this colour palette! I’m sold lol!

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    Lady Gaga for Versace !

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