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Sunny¬†weather, picture perfect beaches, great restaurants, a wild nightlife, shopping strips and malls – these are a must for me when picking a holiday destination! So Los Angeles was ideal; it has everything and more! It was my second time in the city of dreams, but it felt like my first time all over again. It was a jam packed trip too, not only was it a girls getaway but it was my birthday too ūüôā See why Beverly Hills, Hollywood make my list as some of my places in the world and what I got up too below…

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Palm trees and clear skies! I love my hotels but I find that whenever I visit America I prefer to AirBnB it! Just because of the extra privacy and relaxation, away from the tourist attractions.

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Here was my apartment; which I loved! Spacious, modern and clean! Sign up to AirBnB and give them a go on your next holiday!


First day in L.A let the games begin! Maxi dress and duster coat : BooHoo.com

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The very first thing I love to do when I’m in America is hit up Sephora! I hate that this beauty store is not yet global! It really is make up heaven, all my favourite brands under one roof!

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Second thing I do is eat! I have a list of restaurants I planned to try, Urth Caffe was on the top of the list and comes highly recommended. Not only is all their food organic, but TASTY! No exaggeration, everything tasted good – even the smoothies.

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Oh Hey Sis!

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This is one of the reasons why I love L.A! Where else do you find poolside vibes like this on a Tuesday morning; Hollywood!


No more basic Mojito’s for me, make that a watermelon Mojito!

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If your looking for a quick tan, then you need to hit up SkyBar at the Mondrian, it’s placed directly under the sun, I’m convinced it’s the hottest part of L.A! lol

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So I’ve given up meat for over a year now, strictly seafood! But I considered this a cheat holiday – so I don’t know if it’s that I haven’t had meat in ages or this was just the best Steak & Frites¬†I have ever had – lol!

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Bikini : ASOS

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A tour of Warner Bros studio was fun and interesting! It’s surreal seeing all the sets and props in person – unfortunately no camera’s were allowed *sigh*

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But we sneaked in a couple selfies! lol! Hey Cuz!

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Venice Beach! Well the quiet part of Venice beach, picture perfect!

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Beach waves on the beach… pun intended lol

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Views like this left me speechless!

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I’m so Hollywood lol! Having¬†my teeth whitened in Beverly Hills had me feeling some type of way…

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30 mins averaged at about $100, I was ok with the results. I wish I did an hour, I would of been pleased, but it was way too uncomfortable… I tried!

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Silk and Lace : Prettylittlething.com

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Soul food is good for the soul, so Roscoe’s chicken and waffles it was! And there goes my seafood diet again!

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Strangely after I got back I read that Roscoe’s filed for Bankruptcy and Snoop Dogg is considering a takeover! Lol! I think he could make a great difference!

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I had the best day doing lunch on Rodeo Drive, not only was the weather perfect but it is beautiful and has all off my favourite designers!

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¬† Prada, Gucci…

Funmi Ogunja Hollywood 14


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I hope your enjoying my photography, i’m quite impressed with my shots LOL!

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If your ever on Rodeo Drive make sure you pass by the House Of Bijan and your sure to be met by a yellow Rolls Royce or  a yellow Bugatti. The owner of HOB; a designer boutique passed away and in honour of his passing his children park his prize possessions; his yellow customized rides outside the store.

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The yellow luxury rides are an official attraction to Rode Drive, so much so they allowed HOB to customize the parking meter and make it official. At a cost! Apparently the family have paid (millions) in advance for permanent parking of the cars!


Considering the fact that i’m obsessed with yellow at the moment – I had to strike a quick pose.

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Another one of my great shots!


Love Chanel…

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SnapChat : OGFunmi

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Hiking up the Hollywood Hills has been on my bucket list for a while now! Super excited about ticking it off!

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I experienced this with my cousins and of course it was a race to the top!

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The views were insane! Imagine waking up to this every morning!

Funmi Ogunja Hollywood 39

I surprised myself and came in second in the hike challenge lol! (thought I would come in last place) You can do anything you put your mind too! lol

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Beautiful moment!

Funmi Ogunja Hollywood 40

We made it! *trophy emoji*

Funmi Ogunja Hollywood 35

A well earned break before going down.

Funmi Ogunja Hollywood 37

Going down is always easier than coming up!

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The loser of the hike challenge had to treat the winners to dinner! Lucky for her we were in the mood some In and Out Burger!

Funmi Ogunja Hollywood 45

Now I know what the hype is all about! I get it! The long queue and the hour wait! The burger is delicious – with a side of animal fries! Yum!

Funmi Ogunja Hollywood

The Man!


It wasn’t me…lol

Funmi Ogunja Hollywood 27

Happy Birthday To Me! Turning 30 in L.A was not just a milestone but was a birthday to remember! I’m super thankful for life and excited about what God has in store for me in this new chapter of my life xo

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Downtown L.A!

Funmi Ogunja Hollywood 52

Lots to see and do Downtown L.A particularly if your into music, the arts, fashion and architecture. The Disney Concert Hall.

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The Sheraton Downtown L.A.

Funmi Ogunja Hollywood 48

Thigh High Boots: Public Desire #CaliSwag

Funmi Ogunja Hollywood 24

A new found love for Mexican food in L.A!

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Until next time L.A for now I have my next destination on my mind…

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