My definition of SEXY! I wanna know if GQ found it difficult or easy when it came to picking the best shots of Beyonce for the latest GQ issue! Cos I can only imagine how many pics were taken and how amazing each pic was! Its major when Beyonce does magazine covers and interviews; she doesn’t do them too often and when she does she reveals alot!! Literally LOL!
Still the sexiest women alive in my opinion! Rihanna and Kim sometimes make me question this, but with Beyonce its not just that she’s gorgeous, its her work ethic, morals, beliefs and values! When i listen or read what she has to say I’m always taken aback! Does she have any flaws? Honestly, the way she balances it all is inspiring! This shot too is inspiring!!

This is my favourite shot from the whole shoot! It should of come with a caption from Jay Z “I am a faithful husband” I would and do believe him! Look what he’s working with!! Bootylicious wife and mother!


Beyonce touches on so much in the interview! What stood out to me the most is when she goes in on the sacrifices she made to get where she is, how hard she has and is working, and at 30yrs old she realizes that she deserves the recognition she has got and is getting! Not to be mistaken for cockiness, this is the truth of the matter!!

Her body! Toned to death! Lock me in a gym and free me when and only when I come out with abs and thighs like this lol! An exciting year for Beyonce and Beyonce stans worldwide!! Why do I feel like she’s about to drop a bombshell on us with her new album and world tour?! I’m scared in a good way!
“Stop pretending that you have it all together, If your scared, be scared, allow it, release it & move on” Beyonce, GQ 2013!!! 
Beyonce write a book pls!!!

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