Fair to say that Beyonce’s spread for CR Fashionbook is pretty Epic! Firstly the collaboration alone; the queen of pop and one of fashions giants; Carine Roitfeld. Pretty Epic stuff! Beyonce I feel keeps it very interesting when it comes to editorials, always sexy, confident, dramatic and fresh. The fresh part would be the many sides of her she showcases. In love with the many sides of Beyonce on showcase in her spread for the Fashion book, the full spread below…


The shoot was shot by Pierre Debusschere and also features a beautiful poem by Beyonce, were her statements from her interview were pieced together by writer Forrest Gander. I love the poem, it’s open and honest… below

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“I’m tuned to spirits, the emotions of others.” A favourite part, as it is so true of her and apparent in her music. Also “…I’m not afraid to draw from her in performance, rifts, even in bed.” Sasha, Sasha, Sasha… lol!


This Celine coat has never looked so good! Probably my favourite shot, Beyonce looks beautiful and fierce at the same time and i’m so in love with the styling here.


I love the conceptual play on her trademark hair here!


I also love the styling here and the tribute to Drunk in Love with the Chanel Surfboard; so dope!


For those that refer to Beyonce as Beysus lol, this shot I think is so befitting. It’s actually very funny, especially as her pose is such a serious one, wonder how serious she takes the name Beysus lol, really does make you think…


Prada, Prada, Prada! Shoegasm!


How about that for a pose! This woman is an athlete! Lol!


Issue 5! Loving it!

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