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Last day and post of 2013! Its the best of! My 10 Favourite Fashionistas of 2013! Stylish women who (for me) have kept it interesting, entertained us with countless trends and looks, who have had very few dull moments in 2013! I thought picking 10 would be quite difficult, but no it was actually pretty easy! These 10 stood out for me instantly for individual reasons! Check out my 10 below in no particular order, now that would be difficult lol!

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Zoe Saldana

Zoe has been a breath of fresh air throughout this year! She’s refreshing on the red carpet, whether its with her winning smile or she’s doing sassy and sexy, she’s a delight. Love her style and it will be interesting to see if she maintains this or switches it up 2014.

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Nicole Richie

There is never a dull moment with Nicole, she doesn’t have dull clothes lol! Whether it’s Hollywood Glam or stylish Tom boy I have been fascinated! She brings out the absolute best in a trend!

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Kerry Washington

Kerry has probably received the most best dressed awards on the red carpet of 2013! She is so unpredictable and always looks confident in anything she is wearing, it’s what makes her look so stunning. She has an eye for beautiful dresses.

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On everybody’s list this year! No doubt! She has been the most entertaining this year; in terms of style! She has done the most! Which could be a good or a bad thing. No idea what direction she could possibly go next as she has done it all! Has Rhianna climaxed?

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Solange has a had a very successful year in getting rid of the “Beyonce’s Sister” stigma and standing alone as the very stylish Solange! All why being herself! She has come up with some awesome looks 2013. Bravo!

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Julianne Hough

I have not done Julianne enough justice on the blog 2013! I have had a huge crush on her casual and formal outfits 2013! Lookout for Sexy Julianne 2014!

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Ashley Madekwe

Has had  a good year! Very consistent with her looks, always neat and hard to fault! I like her style and see her going into the fashion and design industry 2014!

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Angela Simmons

Angela has kept it so playful this year! I think it’s her versatility, you can never tell with Ang, my fav part about her style! I’d like to see her up the amp 2014, more sexy!

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Ciara has had an incredible year! She has had an awesome team behind her who have helped her evolve into this work of art we see today! Ciara’s 2014 should be a good one!

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Kim Kardashian

Has had a huge year with being a mother and newly engaged to Kanye who is undoubtedly her stylist lol! I love the affect he’s had on Kims style! I love the new Kim, excited to see where ” they” go from here lol!


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    December 31, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    i really liked these, especially rihanna and ciara. but i would put selena gomez in my list with her versace dress from the vma’s and the one from the fashionshow, that girl killed it this year. i relly love your blog, keep it up and i wish you a very happy new year xX

    • Reply
      Funmi Ogunja
      January 20, 2014 at 6:10 pm

      Thank you! Almost added Selena! It’s almost like she became super stylish overnight LOL!

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