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I’m a self confessed bag whore! Lol! I love a good handbag, change them daily depending on my outfit and have a clutch for every occasion. So I feel like I owe it to myself to introduce a new feature on the blog dedicated to bag lovers worldwide: #BagLady. So, we’ll start off with someone who I have not just noticed loves handbags but has great taste in handbags; Khloe Kardashian! From huge totes, to animal printed clutch bags! Her bag breakdown below…


The infamous Hermes Birkin Bag! It’s a classic! An extremely expensive classic. A bag this expensive I say you have two options, the basic option which is going for a basic colour like a black or a tan that goes with everything or a pop of colour option.  This is the option displayed here by Khloe, going for a bold or a statement colour which you block with other colours or prints that give your outfit an edge! Love the edge this blue Birkin gives Khloe’s outfit. #HermesBirkin


Yellow is another great colour for a statement bag and introducing a pop of colour into an outfit! Works great with stripes! #HermesCandyBirkin


Khloe is big on classics! I love her for this green Chanel bag. I think this green works so well with denim, i love that she brought more green in with the hat to complete this look! It’s an amazing hat! #ChanelQuiltedFlapBag


Taking all white to the extreme with her white Chanel bag! The white Chanel is one of my favourites, with their being so may ways to carry it. The all white option defo being one of my favourite, so neat and clean! #ChanelClassicFlapBag


Khloe has a healthy obsession with Chanel! Seen here sporting the new controversial Chanel Graffiti Backpack, which I’m strangely in love with (backpacks have never been my thing). Controversial as remarks and reviews have said that the bag is too expensive for it’s basic design. Khloe seems un-bothered… #ChanelGraffitiBackPack


I love me a good tan leather bag! Great for everyday looks. This Givenchy Pandora bag is too cute, works so well with Khloes look. Again i’m loving this shade of green! #GivenchyPandoraBag


You ever have them off days, where you neglect your entire outfit but you bring in some life with a hot handbag? That’s exactly what Khloe Kardashian has done here! This one of my favourite Celine Trapeze bag combos! OOOh the snakeskin! #CelineTrapezeBag


What a hot combo! Leopard print bag and dark lips?! Yes! #GivenchyAntigonaEnvelopeClutch.


An embellished clutch! The ultimate clutch bag, every girl should have! Ideal for red carpets and perfect for parties! #ChloeClutch


Throwback! I adore this bag! I love the detail and the size of this bag! I’m getting excited at the thought of how much stuff I could potentially fit in this bag and how trendy I’d look doing so! Khloe needs to rock this bag again for old times sake lol! #DianeVonFurstenbergStephanieHoboBag

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