Now I’m not a big fan of comedy showcases but I have been converted into the BIGGEST fan of comedy showcases!
The AY Show was brilliant! It was a sell out!! You can’t even just call it a comedy show, it was soo much more that. It was filled with a variety of elements that had u entertained throughout the whole night. From sketches with nollywood stars, to suprise appearances, to audience interaction and live sketches!

My eyes did not leave the stage, there were times when I wanted to go to the bar and get a drink but I couldn’t in case I missed anything funny! I was literally LMAO & LOL! Seyi Law, Gordons & Aki & Paw Paw had me falling of my seat! A Class comedians!

The AY Brand is amazing and so inspirational, AY himself is a maverick. He’s own humour is very very creative, spontaneous and fresh! He takes comedy one step further! He’s production is on point & it shows that not just laughs were put into it but a lot of hard work & thinking.

This makes 9ice’s 3rd time performing in London this year. No other Nigerian artist has a achieved this! The Alapomeji frontman still manages to pull the biggest crowds and give great performances. He’s performance at the AY show, as expected was Fantastic! He performed some of the classics like Gongo Aso, Photocopy & Party Rider then took us to the future with his latest hits, like No Be Mistake, Loni ni & Gbamu Gbamu. 9ice blew up the stage & then took it with him!! The perfect ending to an Amazing show! delivered another special show as they always do! Expect the unexpected with them, there’s nothing they cannot do. Also Phoenix Media, it goes without saying they had everything under control, running smoothly & put their professional stamp of approval all over the event! Its a relief to know we have companies like this serving and spoiling us Africans in the UK.

Loads more pics below!!! ENJOY!

Lil Miss opens the show singing Nigeria’s National Anthem. Lil Miss is a new artist, signed to JJC’s Big Boyz Entertainment…star in the making!

Ikechukwu hit the stage, not his greatest performance.


Esther from BBC2 Documentary “Welcome to Lagos” with AY.

Gandoki Comedian

Seyi Law Comedian

Aki & Paw Paw with AY.

Aki & Paw Paw…these guys are sooo cute 🙂

West Brom Albion, Striker Osazie Odemwingbe

9ICE hits the stage.

9ICE connecting with the audience.

9ICE & dancer Tipsy.

9ICE & White Nigerian (this man speaks yoruba past me lol)

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