Every so often I get a craving for a statement designer bag! To me its the shape which makes a bag a statement bag; unique, simplified and quite big! The Givenchy Antigona bag is all of that! It’s shape is gorgeous, its leather and sturdy, it comes in array of colours and combos which make pairing it with outfits too much fun! This bag has been trending for a while, Givenchy have been keeping the Antigona alive by releasing new colours. Check out some of my fav dolls sporting the bag below…
Zoe Saldana in the black. Of all the colours I think the black is the cutest, extremely basic but some how manages to stand out! Even against the loudest outfits! 
Khloe Kardashian with the animal print version! How fierce does she look?! Animal print looks good on any style of handbag to be honest, but there’s something about the Antigona! 
Nicole Richie! How good does she make the bag look?! As smart as it looks I defo feel the Antigona bag is a casual one…

Rapper Eve went for the red and black! I couldn’t agree more! This colour is so her! 
Olivia Palermo! Oh wow! In love with the croc! Thanks to Olivia, looks hot against fur!!!
My second mummy! Love the colour she went for here! Kris Jenner is a self confessed handbag freak! Disregard her outfits & you will always find her rocking the hottest handbags! 
Another fierce Antigona! Beyonce makes it twice as fierce for rocking hers with ankara!!! Seriously works!!
Miranda Kerr! Omg! This look; sexual! The Antigona bag still holding its own! 
We get it the Kardashians love the Antigona! Here Khloe shows us how practical the bag can be! I’m so getting her! 
 The orange anybody?

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