While everyone is going Oscar crazy in L.A, Jay Z can be found shutting down the ATL. We ever so often see Jay Z all coupled up with the Mrs I think we forget how big of a party animal he was and can still be. He held a D’usse after party! His own liquor, one of his new business ventures! Entrepreneurial partying!  
Such a gentlemen, seen pouring drinks for everyone. I’m not much of a drinker (LOL) but I gotta try this D’usse Cognac, I read that it tastes of almonds and cinnamon and hints of honey and dried fruits! Each bottle has been preserved for 4 years! I like mine on the rocks plssss! Lol!
Cousins Ludacris and Monica were spotted partying with Jigga! How crazy is Ludas measuring tape jacket lol! Monica looks Fab tho: white, black and red! A sophisticated way to party! 

Argghhh Young Jeezy is a party animal too! I know that laugh very well! The “I’m drunk as hell – don’t care how i’m getting home” laugh! LOL!
LOL! Stevie J and Joselyn! Love and Hip Hop tins! I’m laughing cos there still together by the way! 
OMG! Usher! Why was I not there! Why am I never around when Usher is partying and drinking? Perfect time for me to take advantage! 
Jermaine Dupri! Them So So Def days! I’m getting old! lol!
Its still all eyes on Usher! Soory but he is the lick! LOOL!

Trying to imagine what song there going in on here! Damn! Looks too live! I think its Clique!

Got the feeling his throwing one in London soon. Soooooooo there!

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    February 25, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    Why isn’t Kanye there?

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